“Perhaps I Should Or Would Be Dead”: Rui En On Sudden Deep Vein Thrombosis Diagnosis

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Yesterday (Dec 10), actress Rui En gave everyone a scare when she took to Instagram to share a series of photos she took at the hospital. 

“My right arm started swelling and mottling with bruising on Friday night. Rushing to the A&E, after ultrasound, angiogram, CT scan and countless vials of blood drawn, we discovered that I’ve developed Deep Vein Thrombosis (ie. a blood clot) in the vein behind the clavicle,” wrote the 42-year-old star. 

According to Rui En, such condition, which cuts off blood flow to the arm, is “rare” in the upper body. 

The actress went on to apologise to her fans who were expecting her at the “Count Me In” Christmas Celebration Concert at Suntec City last night. 

“You have no idea how much my heart breaks and how disappointed I am that I won’t be able to be there. My doctors have advised against it. First big testimony and this happens just before,” she lamented. 

She continued: “While obviously the timing is suspect (IYKYK), I choose to hold on to the fact that DVT does not typically afford the luxury of warning signs. Which means perhaps I should or would be dead. Which means divine intervention. Which means maybe this will be the testimony after all. Just not today.”

That said, Rui En concluded her post by assuring everyone that she’s “feeling okay and surrounded by love”.

The actress’ showbiz pals have also flocked to shower her with care and concern.

“What is going on. Take care!” wrote Rui En’s Old Is Gold co-star Chantalle Ng while Tasha Low (aka Rui En’s biggest fan) asked: “Are you okay?” in caps.

“Praying with you!” wrote ex-Mediacorp actress Felicia Chin, who gave her testimony at the Christmas Celebration Concert last night.

View Rui En’s full post on Instagram here:

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