Peter Yu, 55, On Being A Fair Father To His Two Sons: “I Will Scold Both Of Them Regardless Of Who’s In The Wrong”

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With regards to his family, Peter says he doesn’t practice favouritism when it comes to his sons, Christian, 11, and Israel, seven.

He reveals that his wife is the biased parent, adding: “She said  she felt ashamed after watching this film, and wants to make it up to our elder son. She herself knows that she’s a little biased [towards our younger child]!”

On the other hand, Peter treats his sons fairly so they don’t have to deal with any psychological pain growing up.

“I’ve never been biased, and my wife knows this about me very well. I treat both my kids equally. I will scold both of them regardless of who’s in the wrong.”

He explains: “It’s important that the brothers care for each other. If one of them kicks up a fuss, I would scold them both, so they know not to make the same mistake again.”

He also adds that raising kids is no easy feat. “We’re not perfect. As parents, we also have our shortcomings. We’re also learning, right?” he says.

Photos: Peter Yu/ Instagram, MM2

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