Premium Fresh and Frozen Pork at FairPrice for your Pork Recipes

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It is good to see how FairPrice is expanding its fresh pork counter! I work in a building where there is a FairPrice in the basement that used to only have fresh pork that was already pre-cut and packed. They recently underwent a major renovation and now have a fresh pork counter with a butcher on hand who can fashion the exact cut of pork I need. With their selection of sliced pork and exotic cuts, FairPrice has now become a one-stop-shop for most of my pork recipes!

Read on for the available cuts and suggested recipes you can make.

Fresh Pork Counters at all FairPrice Super Stores

Go to any FairpPice Super store and you should be able to find a fresh pork counter laden with a good variety of pork cuts. The fresh pork at the FairPrice we visited originated from Sabah and has a very nice balance of fat and lean meat. The live pigs are shipped by barge to Singapore, where they are processed and transported to FairPrice early in the morning. The butcher then does the final cutting before putting them on display.

Big Slabs of Pork Belly

One of my favorite cuts is pork belly. I used to have to visit the wet market to buy a slab whenever I wanted to make Sio Bak (Roast Pork). With Sio Bak, the pork belly must have a good ratio of fat to lean meat, so it is beneficial to be able to choose the portion you want at the counter.

Here are some great recipes you can make with pork belly:

Prime Ribs, Spare Ribs, Soft Bones & Trotters

Honey Soy Ribs

Another cut that I like to use is the Prime Ribs. They are good for making Bak Kut Teh when you want to be able to serve “Dragon Ribs”(龙骨 long gu). They are also great for making Honey Soy Ribs! We love how easy it is to eat these ribs by picking up the meatless part of the ribs and tearing off the meat with your teeth!

They also have spare ribs, soup bones and soft bones which are great for making soups such as winter melon soup and lotus and peanut soup. Trotters are great for braising and for making the iconic confinement dish – black vinegar trotters!

Customise your own Minced Pork

They can also customize the pork mincing according to your preferences, which is great if you prefer leaner pork mince. You can buy lean meat from the hind leg and have it minced to your liking. Conversely, if you’re planning to make something like Siu Mai, you can request pork collar with added pork fat to ensure that the Siu Mai turns out exceptionally juicy!

The minced pork in the counter are typically freshly minced on premises. Some classic dishes you can consider making with minced pork are Salted Fish Minced Pork and Sukiyaki Potato and Pork. They are perfect with some steamed rice.

Or maybe you can mold the minced meat into some bouncy and juicy Lionhead meatballs? Hope we’ve got your creative culinary juices flowing.

Pork Loin for Pork Chops

Pork Chop on egg fried rice

Another cut I like to use is the pork loin. This lean cut of pork is tender but can get dry if you don’t handle it properly. I use it to make Hainanese pork chops as well as Taiwanese-style unbreaded pork chops that are served with egg-fried rice.

Another favourite recipe that uses Pork Loin, but with the rib and backbone attached is Jin Du Pai Gu (Kyoto Pork Ribs).

The more exotic cuts

FairPrice also sells fresh pork offal if you are looking for these items. I don’t personally like offal, so I don’t cook with them. They are however good if you are looking for pork liver or kidney for stir-fries. You can find these in the chiller section and they are often pre-packed.

Frozen Premium Pork for Hot pot

Over at the frozen section, they have sliced Spanish Iberico pork that is perfect when you are making hotpot. There’s a selection of pork jowl, collar and belly to choose from. We generally gravitate toward the Jowl. They have Brazilian pork as well which is more economical but I like the Spanish Iberico pork because of its marbling and flavour.

Frozen assortment of meats for everyday use

I always keep some frozen pork in the freezer for those unplanned everyday meals. They have Brazilian pork sold under the PorKee brand and you will be able to find popular cuts like pork collar, loin and ribs.

Pork Collar for Sweet and Sour Pork

They have pork collar which is cut into cubes that is perfect for making sweet and sour pork, a dish that makes regular appearances in our household.


So good to have such a wide selection of pork now conveniently available at FairPrice! With a butcher at the fresh pork counter, you can now get your hands on whatever cut of meat you need for your special recipe seven days a week!

Click here for all my pork recipes!

This post was brought to you by FairPrice.

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