Shaun Chen, Lina Ng Answer Call To Donate Blood After Singapore’s O Blood Stocks Dip To Critical Low

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For those of you who have been thinking of donating blood but have been putting that idea off for whatever reason, this is your sign to finally do it.

Last month, the Singapore Red Cross and Health Sciences Authority announced that our blood bank is currently low on Type O blood.

“Blood stocks have dipped below 6 days and are currently at critical levels due to high usage of these blood types and lower than normal blood donor turnout since the beginning of 2024,” read their statement. 

After the news came out, former Mediacorp actress Lina Ng shared on her Instagram Stories that she’s done her part.

“Doing my little bit,” wrote the 49-year-old actress, who shared an image of her finger with a small plaster on it post-donation. 

Lina, whose last blood donation was in 2000, also gave a shout out to the staff, nurses and doctors, and said that the donation process was “smooth, pleasant with minimum pain”.

A few days later, Mediacorp actor Shaun Chen also shared an Instagram post with the same call to action.

Sharing pics of himself at the blood donation drive, the 45-year-old actor urged in his caption: “Hello we need you here, please come and join me!”

So, if you’re a healthy person with O+ or O- blood, who is between 16 to 60 years old and at least 45kg, what are you waiting for?

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