Singapore civil servants to receive annual S$500 benefit for personal development and well-being

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Starting October this year, eligible civil servants in Singapore will receive an annual benefit of S$500 to support their health, growth, and well-being.

The new benefit, named FlexiGrow, was announced by Minister-in-charge of the Public Service Chan Chun Sing during the opening of Public Service Week at ITE College Central on Wednesday (10 July).

Public officers can use the FlexiGrow benefit flexibly according to their individual needs, such as enrolling in courses for personal development or participating in fitness programs, according to the Public Service Division (PSD).

In addition to the introduction of FlexiGrow, medical and dental benefits for all civil servants will be enhanced from 1 January 2025. Currently, civil servants can claim up to S$500 annually in medical subsidies, with a cap of S$20 per visit for outpatient expenses at private clinics. Under the new benefits, this cap will be increased to S$50 per visit, enabling officers eligible for HealthierSG to better adhere to their personalized health plans with their registered HealthierSG clinic.

Dental subsidies will also see an increase from the current S$120 to S$250 annually, encouraging civil servants to maintain their dental health through regular dentist visits. The enhanced medical and dental benefits will apply to re-employed officers and Statutory Board employees as well.

Minister Chan, who also serves as Education Minister, emphasized the importance of innovation and adaptability in his speech. “To continue to do well for Singapore and Singaporeans, we must stay ahead of the changes in our environment and continue to stay ahead by innovating,” he said. Acknowledging the challenges that come with constant change, he added, “We need to take care of ourselves; we need to take care of each other in this long journey ahead. And this is what our Public Service is committed to.”

In a Facebook post, Mr Chan elaborated on the significance of Public Service Week, stating, “Today, I joined 1,000 public officers at ITE College Central and many more online to open Public Service Week with a celebration of the work of the Public Service. This is also a time when public officers reaffirm their commitment to serve Singapore and Singaporeans.”

He continued, “We reminded ourselves to never lose our purpose and mission, which is to build a thriving Singapore that provides hope and opportunities for all Singaporeans through the times. It is critical that our public officers remain committed to our mission, uphold our core values, and have the gumption to explore new frontiers.”

Mr Chan also congratulated the Public Sector Transformation award winners for exemplifying these values through their work.

He highlighted the new measures introduced to support public officers, including the enhanced medical and dental subsidies, FlexiGrow benefits, and the extension of retirement and re-employment ages, stating, “These measures will help our officers take charge of their own growth and well-being as they continue to make a difference for Singapore and Singaporeans.”

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