Sister Of Stefanie Sun Cutting Ties With Her Linked To Years Of Favouritism From Parents

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Singapore singer and well-regarded national treasure Stefanie Sun, 45, has always been private about her personal life.

But it seems her sister, Sng Ee-mei, 40, is drawing back the curtains on what seems like a feud between her and the pop star, a feud that has simmered for a few years at this point.

In an explosive tirade on Weibo last Friday (Jan 5), Ee-mei revealed that her relationship with “so-and-so has been very weak” even after “trying to communicate with her in some way for the past three years.”

Her bombshell statement came when she wrote “I’m no longer sisters with a certain someone.”      

“I’ve been living in [her] shadow for more than 20 years and I just want to find a release,” Ee-mei added.

Her post caused an uproar across Asia with many speculating what went wrong between the sisters, including how favouritism from their parents had caused the rift. 

Seemingly catching wind of all the online chatter, Ee-mei again took to Weibo yesterday (Jan 7) with another post.

“It is true that there is indeed a little favouritism, though I feel what is more accurate is the leaning towards power and so-and-so is someone with power,” she wrote.

She mentioned this feeling in another Weibo post back in August 2022 when she revealed how she “had a really hard time in Singapore living between the ages 18 and 36 in the shadow of my sister’s fame.”

Ee-mei adds it was the primary reason she doesn’t associate being in Singapore with happy memories.

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