Sister Of Stefanie Sun Says She Was “Given Enough Money” But Is Still “Waiting For An Apology” In Response To Criticism From Netizens

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When Sng Ee-mei, 40, first announced on her Weibo on Friday (Jan 5) that she was severing ties with her sister, Singapore singer Stefanie Sun, 45, the post took Asia by storm.

From complaints of living in Stefanie’s shadow for 20 years, to accusations of their parents preferring the company of the singer, Ee-mei’s rant was fodder for drama-loving netizens.

Ee-mei has also taken to responding to online comments, especially to those who disagree with her method of drawing attention to her family problems.

“You have already severed the relationship. Can you shut up now? Are you remorseful in any way?” wrote one user before calling Ee-mei a “big baby”.

Ee-mei responded somewhat cryptically.

“The money given to me is more than enough so I won’t mention past affairs. But I am still missing an apology,” she wrote.

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