Six useful habits to start the new year with

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The start of the new year means it’s going to be new year, new you. Here are some ways to improve your life for the new year.


Drink more water

It is important to detox and flush out toxins by drinking more water. Just plain water, not sweetened, not coffee or tea. A personal trainer shared that one has to drink about 4 litres of water per day. It may seem a lot but it is ideal to keep our bodies moving healthily. As our bodies are made mostly of water, it makes sense to rehydrate regularly.


Read more

One thing that is beneficial is to read more. Besides gaining more knowledge, we also improve our grammar. Swap social media scrolling with book reading. Set aside a goal to read how many books this year.


Walk 10,000 steps daily

It is important to keep active in order to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, high cholesterol and other unwanted diseases. Also, by walking 10,000 steps a day, you also lose weight and stay in a healthy weight range. If possible, use a smartwatch to help count your steps. It may seem daunting at first but eventually you will be able to walk 10,000 steps easily.


Reduce use of device

It is easy to spend hours on your phone, tablet or computer without realising the time has gone by. Social media, email, news and more can keep us glued to our devices for long hours. By reducing your time on your device, you have more time for other more healthy activities.


Add protein and veggies into your diet

Besides having an active lifestyle, it is crucial to also eat healthily. For example, the common advice is to ‘eat the rainbow’. That means to eat more greens in your diet. Also, it is important to increase your protein intake. Studies have shown that increasing your protein intake can increase muscle mass and aid weight loss.


Go on a staycation

It is important to take a break sometimes. You may not have enough time for an entire vacation, so why not go for a staycation? Find a nearby bed and breakfast or resort to just relax and forget about work.

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