Smart Reads of the Week: Best Performing Blue-Chip Stocks, CapitaLand Investment and Stocks with Special Dividends

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This week, we review the best-performing blue-chip stocks for 2023.

We size up the five blue-chip stocks that have delivered the strongest returns for investors.

Meanwhile, we delve deeper into CapitaLand Investment Limited’s (SGX: 9CI) latest profit warning.

The property giant expects its net profit for 2023 to be substantially lower and we find out the reasons why and the implications for investors.

Elsewhere, we sussed out several stocks with the potential to pay out a special dividend next year.

Here is a list of our top articles for this week.

1. Year in Review: 5 Best-Performing Blue-Chip Stocks of 2023

We round up the five best-performing blue-chip stocks for this year.

2. CapitaLand Investment Limited Issued a Profit Warning: Should Investors Be Worried?

The property giant surprised the market by releasing a profit warning, but should investors fret?

3. 3 Singapore Stocks That Could Pay Out a Special Dividend in 2024

Eager to receive a special dividend? These three stocks could be paying them out next year.

4. Year in Review: 5 Best-Performing Stocks of 2023

Apart from the blue-chip stocks, we also took a look at five top-performing stocks for this year.

5. 4 Overseas REITs Yielding 8.6% and above

Here are four overseas REITs with high distribution yields of 8.6% and higher.

6. 7 Singapore Companies That Could Increase Their Dividends in 2024

We present seven Singapore companies with the potential to raise their dividends in 2024.

7. Planning to Add Growth Stocks to Your Portfolio? These 4 May be Perfect for You

If you are looking to add growth stocks to boost your portfolio returns, these four may be just right.

8. 4 Singapore Stocks Announced Strategic Reviews: Can Their Share Prices Climb Next Year?

Strategic reviews can be an effective way to unlock value for shareholders. Here are four stocks with strategic reviews that could see their share prices shooting upwards.

9. How to Gain a Sustainable Edge in Investing

Here is how you can gain a sustainable edge over other investors, but this rule will be simple yet not easy to follow.

10. Lessons from The Immortal Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger was not just a great investor, but he was also known as a keen thinker with a sharp wit. Here are some lessons he imparted even though he is no longer with us.

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