Smart Reads of the Week: REITs at 52-Week Highs, Raffles Medical Group and Blue-Chip Stocks with High Dividend Yields

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This week, we single out several REITs that have hit their 52-week high.

This is an admirable achievement considering the REIT sector has been under pressure this year from high inflation and a surge in interest rates.

Meanwhile, we conducted a deep dive into Raffles Medical Group (SGX: BSL) as its share price hit a year-low.

The integrated healthcare player is facing short-term headwinds but is pushing on with business developments that should lift its business in the longer term.

Elsewhere, we identified several Singapore blue-chip stocks that sport high dividend yields.

These stocks are not only dividend stalwarts but will allow you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Here is a list of our top articles for this week.

1. 3 Singapore REITs Trading at 52-Week Highs: Can Their Run Continue in 2024?

Here are three REITs hitting their 52-week highs and we explore if they can continue to rise in 2024.

2. Raffles Medical Group’s Share Price is Near its 52-Week Low: Is the Healthcare Player a Bargain?

The integrated healthcare player is grappling with several headwinds even as its share price slides to a year low.

3. 3 Resilient Singapore Blue-Chip Stocks Yielding 5.7% or Higher

We shine the spotlight on three resilient blue-chip stocks sporting high dividend yields.

4. Year in Review: 3 Singapore REITs That Upped Their DPU in 2023

Rounding up 2023 are three REITs that defied the odds and increased their distributions.

5. 4 Singapore Blue-Chip Stocks I Will Buy with S$40,000

Looking for reliability coupled with a solid dividend stream? Here are four blue-chip stocks I would buy if I had S$40,000.

6. 4 Attractive US Growth Stocks That Also Pay You a Dividend

You can enjoy great growth prospects and a touch of dividends if you invest in these four US growth stocks.

7. 5 Singapore Stocks That Could Benefit from a Semiconductor Recovery in 2024

With a projected recovery in the semiconductor industry next year, we select five stocks that should benefit from this rebound.

8. Here’s How Dividend Investing Can Provide You a Secure Retirement Income

Dividend investing has proven time and again to be an effective method to build a stream of retirement income. We show you a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

9. 4 Singapore Stocks That Conducted Acquisitions to Grow Their Business

Acquisitions can help a business to boost its sales and profits quickly. Here are four companies that recently conducted acquisitions.

10. Investing Like a Business Owner

Investing your money in shares requires you to analyse the business as if you owned it. Read on to find out how you can do so.

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