Taiwanese Actress Carol Wan Kicked Repeatedly By Husband In Public; Says They Were Drunk & Have Apologised To Each Other At Home

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Taiwanese media have been going to town with news about 52-year-old Taiwanese actress Carol Wan, who came in second in the Miss World 1990 pageant, assaulted by her husband in public.

Carol was seen having dinner with her husband at Taipei’s Dongfeng Street. However, when they were leaving the restaurant, they got into an argument.

Her husband got really agitated and repeatedly kicked Carol, who was screaming, crying, and curled up in pain by the side of the road. 

It was reported that Carol told the police when they arrived at the scene that she did not want to file for a restraining order. 

She assured the police that she would go to the hospital for a checkup the next day and would report the incident to the related authorities as well as the domestic violence prevention centre.

While the media didn’t disclose Carol’s identity at first, netizens first suspected the actress was the victim because of her social media post. 

She wrote: “I feel like I’m dying! After being continuously attacked by a brutal and merciless “virus” on Thursday, my head has been hurting so bad for the past two days. There’s an excruciating pain in my chest, I’m coughing out blood, I feel like I’m about to cough my lungs out and my body feels so sore and weak.”

Netizens noticed that the date Carol mentioned in her post was the day of the assault. They believed that the “virus” was her husband and she was actually calling for help.

Carol later admitted that she was the victim through her manager. 

“That day, we both didn’t control our alcohol intake and things got heated up after an argument. We apologised to each other when we got home. It was just a misunderstanding and the conflict has been resolved peacefully. I’m not injured. Thanks everyone for their concern,” she said.

Carol also shared that her husband kicked her in her left abdomen but there were no obvious external injuries at that time, which was why she told the police not to press charges. 

On top of that, she explained that she would not reveal her husband’s identity as he’s not a public figure. 

“We’re asking for the media and members of the public to respect our privacy. [I’m] very sorry to have alarmed everyone because of this incident and will not be addressing it anymore,” she asserted.

According to reports, Carol has been married twice. In 2003, she married her first husband, Saitō Yoshitatsu, and their marriage lasted five years. 

Carol married an American named Kevin in 2014, and the marriage ended after three years. 

However, it’s not known if Carol got married for the third time. 

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