Taiwanese Rapper OSN Used To Chase After Fame And Money, Then He Realised They Made Him So Unhappy

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8DAYS: You’ve been to Singapore quite a few times in the past year, what was the most memorable thing to you?

OSN: I think this place is very pretty, there are a lot of trees. The food’s delicious and my [Singaporean] fans are so enthusiastic.

Is there anything you really want to try here but never had the chance to experience?

I really want to take some time off to come for a holiday ‘cos the past few times I was here for work and the next day I had to fly back to Taiwan early in the morning. I barely got to relax or enjoy my time here.

But I’m someone who doesn’t plan my itinerary for my trips. I’ll just arrive and if there’s somewhere I want to go I’ll Google on the spot.  

Did you get to try out a lot of local delicacies during your time here? 

I like laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. Oh and the other time I went to a place that’s like a night market, pasar malam? They had food from different places and it was all very yummy. 

Did you manage to make friends with any of our local celebs while you were here?

Not yet, I haven’t had the time to get to know anyone but I really want to.

I did meet Shigga Shay at a friend’s birthday party last year and we chatted a little. The last time I came to Singapore he asked if I was here and we planned to meet up. But in the end he had to work and we didn’t get to meet. 

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