Taiwanese Singer Donates Part Of His Liver To Save Dad’s Life Even After Doctors Say His Singing Voice Would Be Affected After The Operation

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To many in the public, 2023 was supposed to be a great year for Taiwanese singer Paul Cheng, who won singing competition Top Star, bagging himself a cool NT$1,000,000 (S$42,500).

However, it was recently reported that the singer, who first debuted on Super Idol when he was just 11, had decided to donate part of his liver to save his ailing father who was suffering from liver cancer.

Paul recently revealed that even though doctors warned that the procedure may cause infection in his throat and lungs, and ultimately affecting his singing voice, he was adamant going for the transplant as his father only had about six months to a year to live.

The liver transplant surgery happened on Wednesday (Nov 29) with his father still under observation.

Paul is said to be recovering well and says he only hopes his dad will regain his health, and that the whole family will be together safely.

Netizens left comments of encouragement for the singer wishing both father and son a speedy recovery and that “everyone is looking forward to hearing him sing again.”

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