Taylor Swift is Now a Billionaire Due to Her ‘Eras’ Tour

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What do Taylor Swift, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have in common? Well, it’s obviously not the strange haircut.

The answer is this: they’re all billionaires.

Taylor Swift is now a billionaire. And she has the “Eras” tour to thank for it.

Taylor Swift Achieves Billionaire Status

We’ve all heard of Taylor Swift. If you haven’t, we only have one question: have you been living under a rock?

According to Bloomberg, the 33-year-old pop star has just achieved billionaire status.

Alright… But how was her billionaire status calculated?

Let’s see, shall we?


The estimated value of the singer’s five homes is $110 million. Her music catalogue accounts for approximately $400 million for music released since 2019.

Her streaming deals from YouTube and Spotify ploughed in approximately $120 million, while her music sales account for about $80 million.

Last, we have her earnings from concert tickets and merchandise, which amounts to $370 million.

Taking into account income tax, commissions paid to her managers and agents, and other costs, it adds up to a billion.



Bloomberg also noted that their analysis was a “conservative” one, meaning that for all we know, the 33-year-old’s net worth could be even higher than we expected.

From Pop Sensation to Billionaire: How the “Eras” Tour Bumped Taylor Swift to Billionaire Status

You might be thinking: Hasn’t Taylor Swift always been a pop sensation? How has she, all of a sudden, achieved billionaire status because of her music?

Well, it’s mainly because of her recent “Eras” tour.

The “Eras” tour, which concluded its US leg in August, generated more than $700 million in ticket sales to date—it makes sense, given that the average ticket price was $254.

The singer’s pre-tax profit from the “Eras” tour, to date, amounts to $225 million. To put things into perspective, this is more than twice her profits from her last tour in 2018.

Ah, yes… I guess we contributed to Taylor Swift’s billionaire status. Pat on the back for us.

89 More Dates in International Leg of Taylor Swift’s “Eras” Tour

Now that the 33-year-old is a billionaire, what’s next?

Well, we don’t know yet, but it seems like she’ll only continue ploughing in more money from the “Eras” tour—the international leg of the “Eras” tour is slated to begin next month.

And there are 89 dates for the tour’s international leg; think about all the ticket and merchandise sales that will be generated.

Heng, ong, huat!



Taylor Swift’s re-release of her 2014 album 1989, her fourth re-recorded album, is also expected to start topping the charts soon and ploughing in more money for the singer—the album was just released on Friday (27 October).

I guess you could say Taylor Swift’s in her billionaire “era” now.

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