Teens Play Football & Run Around Dangerously on Punggol Car Park Rooftop

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If you think about places to play a nice game of football with your friends after school, “on the roof of the car park” is probably not in your first dozen spots.

A group of teenagers, however, did apparently pick the roof of the car park at Block 226 Sumang Lane in Punggol as their prime playing location.

Teens Play Football on Punggol Car Park Rooftop Right After It Rained

A retired resident spotted the boys on 7 July at around 3:00 pm, according to Shin Min Daily News. About four of them ran and chased each other on the rooftop turf, perhaps in the classic game of catching.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

The boys likely climbed over a wall from the car park’s rooftop garden to get there.

They also played football on the topmost roof, about two storeys off the ground, for about 15 minutes.

To make things worse, it had just rained and the turf on the roof was still wet. One errant slip and it could be a one-way trip to the morgue for the teens.

All in all, a terrible idea from the boys. Also, if you kick the football and it falls off the roof, don’t you have to climb down to fetch it and then back up to the rooftop? Not very efficient of them.

Admittedly, there probably aren’t too many great spots to play football, especially with the classic HDB void deck spot being banned. Even so, they picked the worst location behind “on the MRT train tracks”.

The surprised resident filmed a video of the boys. They scattered as soon as they realised they were on camera, which as we know, is scarier than falling to your death.

Car Park Rooftop Football Matches Go Back Two Months

A Shin Min reporter on the scene found a football on the roof, further confirming the story.

They also discovered a scooter left behind by the boys up there, even though the only requirement for riding a scooter is the existence of the ground.

Image: Shin Min Daily News

According to another anonymous resident, the teens totalled seven in number, which coincidentally matched their average IQ.

The Punggol resident alleged that the boys frequently played football at the rooftop on Mondays, Fridays, and weekends. They had done so for two months.

A concerned resident advised them to stop playing before complaints inevitably reached the authorities, but the teens told them to shut up and go away.

Unluckily for them, this prediction came true, as at 6:00 pm on 7 July, two police officers found the four boys and talked to them. The teens reportedly wore a serious expression on their faces.

Falling From Great Heights Bad for Your Health

This is the point of the article where I would usually list down safety precautions and warnings, but it’s pretty clear-cut in this case. Don’t play on roofs. That’s literally it.

For their own sake, they will learn their lesson before something bad happens. Hopefully one day as adults, they can look back on this time and realise how dumb they were as young teens.

Car park rooftop weirdness appears to be in vogue recently, with a chicken coop popping up in a car park rooftop garden in Yishun.

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