Terence Cao & Dawn Yeoh Show You How To Whiten Your Armpits While Singing Westlife’s ‘You Raise Me Up’

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Does Terence Cao ever run out of amusing things to do for his live streams?

Recently, skincare brand Alluorastore shared on TikTok a behind-the-scenes video of the 56-year-old star selling a new product, the Alluora Dark Spot Correcting Serum, which is used for the exfoliation of underarms. 

In the video, Terence and his e-commerce platform Sibay Shiok kakis Dawn Yeoh and Peter Yu, as well as a blue-haired lady named Genecia, whom we’re assuming is the lady boss of the Alluora brand, are seen singing their own version of ’90s boyband Westlife’s hit song ‘You Raise Me Up’.

It starts with the four of them pretending to massage their armpits with their hands in a circular motion, all while singing this line: “I lighten my armpit.”

Then, a Dawn, 37, shouts: “Change hands!” while the gang sings: “You raise me up, my armpit’s whitening”.

After the demo, Terence, who looked thoroughly satisfied with his armpit-cleaning performance, asks: “So every day when you exfoliate, you have to sing this song?”

The lady boss’ response? “Yes, only this song, because you need to remember to: ‘You raise me up~’.” 

At this point, we have to give it up to Dawn for her enthusiasm. 

Patting Peter, 55, who kinda looks like he was being held hostage, Dawn exclaims: “You need to raise both sides, not only one side ah!”

Peter, who is now a critically-acclaimed actor, awkwardly nods his head.

“Yes, otherwise it will be buay [or “not” in Hokkien] balance,” replies the lady boss.

Terence then chuckles: “So if you sing the song, [your pits] will be whiter. If you don’t, they won’t be that white.”

We bet Westlife never imagined their uplifting hit would one day become a song for lifting armpits.

Watch the full video below: 

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