The Diam Diam Era Star Danny Lee Gets Into Altercation With Stranger After Walking Straight Into Latter’s Car Wing Mirror While Drunk

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On Sunday (Dec 3), Taiwan-based Malaysian actor Danny Lee shocked everyone when he posted a selfie of his very-badly-whacked face on Instagram. 

“I’m not trying to gain attention, I just want to let everyone know what caused my face to turn into a pig’s head,” wrote the 34-year-old The Diam Diam Era star. 

So what exactly happened?

According to Danny, he was slightly tipsy after drinking with his friends when he accidentally walked into the wing mirror of a car that was parked near Taiwan’s Zhongxiao Dunhua Station at around 3am the night before (Dec 2). 

(P/S: For those who don’t know, the wing mirror refers to the rear mirror on the side of the vehicle.)

That then enraged the driver, known as Mr Ye, so much that he alighted his car to confront Danny immediately.

“He asked me what I was trying to do, and that sparked a misunderstanding. Maybe he thought I was trying to peep into the car or film them. The guy kicked me the moment he got out of the car which caused me to fall,” recalled Danny.

“He grabbed my head and repeatedly hit it on the ground, which caused my left brain to swell and I couldn’t think straight. He also hooked my neck with his arm and hit my face till the blood vessels in my left eye burst and my lips were swelling and bleeding,” he added. 

Danny’s girlfriend, who was next to him at that time, allegedly tried to intervene but ended up being beaten as well. 

The fight was eventually stopped by the police, who arrived at the scene after being alerted by the public. Danny, his girlfriend and Mr Ye were then taken back to the police station for questioning.

When speaking to the police, Danny said that he’d immediately apologised after Mr Ye alighted from his car but was still attacked, which compelled him to retaliate. 

Mr Ye, on the other hand, seems to have a different side of the story.

According to him, he was resting in his car with his wife while waiting for their designated driver when Danny accidentally hit his wing mirror.

At first they ignored it assuming it was accidental, but a while later, Danny allegedly punched the wing mirror, which then prompted Mr Ye to get out of the car and confront Danny. 

The incident is still unresolved, with Danny and Mr Ye, both charged with assault, deciding to sue each other.

The prosecutor set Danny’s bail at TW$20K (S$851.60) and Mr Ye’s at TWD$10K (S$425.80) while they continue investigations. 

View Danny’s full Instagram post below:

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