The Late Lee Sun Kyun’s Alleged Blackmailer, A 28-Year-Old Woman, Turns Up To Court Carrying Child

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The death of Korean actor Lee Sun Kyun at the age of 48, sent shockwaves on Wednesday (Dec 27) morning.

Before his death, the acclaimed actor, who starred in the Oscar-winning Parasite, had been under investigation over illegal drug use since October this year.

It was previously reported that Sun Kyun claimed to have been extorted a total of 350mil won (S$357,000) involving a female room manager of the Gangnam Hotel and her colleague (Female A).

Before his death, Sun Kyun confessed to the police that he had been blackmailed by the two women and had given in to their demands.

But as his finances were under his actress wife Jeon Hye Jin’s control, he instead approached friends for help.

Female A is 28 and is alleged to be Sun Kyun’s mistress. She appeared in court yesterday (Dec 28) afternoon, turning up in a police van wearing a thick coat and hat in a bid to hide her identity while… carrying a child.

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