TYT, Malaysian baby health & wellness brand with oils & massages

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Back when June (lovingly known as Aunty June) was fresh out of school, if you had asked her whether she would have taken up the family business, she may have very well replied with a no.

Yet today the current CEO of Hong Yang Hoo T.Y.T. Sdn. Bhd. can be often seen speaking on a stage to a crowd of hundreds, seeking to educate young parents on proper infant care.

A family tradition of traditional Chinese medicine

June had not initially expected to take over the business, having helped with minor errands and menial tasks around the family shop back in the day. 

Growing up, she would go on to study and work in alternate fields for a few years, including earning a Bachelor of Science in IT. 

By contrast, her brother had already decided on carrying on the family business and became a licenced traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

However, she could not ignore the clarion call of her true calling for long, eventually joining her brother as the fourth-generation owners of the company. 

She credited her great grandfather as being a key influence for this decision, elaborating, “I felt a strong inclination to grow what he started, and I am happy I got to show him the fruits of his labour, as well as the amount of people his efforts helped.”

Not content to simply inherit the company, June has worked to promote the company’s products as well as to bring her own motherly influence into play.

Traditional remedies from family recipes

TYT’s proprietary Herbal Medicated Oil / Image Credit: TYT

With a focus on traditional remedies, the company has established itself by helping families with various ailments, particularly with the creation and development of their herbal remedy concoction known as their TYT Herbal Medicated Oil.

Their generationally enduring product purports to be grant treatment and relief for a truly impressive list of ailments: colds, wind, stomach aches, minor sprains, burns, cuts, insect bites, insect stings, numbness, backache, post-natal wind, rheumatism, and other minor injuries and symptoms.

The formula itself was created by June’s great grandmother, who arrived on the shores of Malaysia in the early 1900s, whereby she proceeded to use her remedial know-how to aid the local populace.

TYT during the early years / Image Credit: TYT

June’s grandfather further perfected the formula using local Malaysian herbs, and opened the Hong Yang Hoo TYT medical hall in 1957, shortly after Malaysia claimed its independence. 

The company’s manufacturing is based in their factory in Penang, where they produce roughly 10,000 bottles of TYT Herbal Medicated Oil daily, among other products.

As the company prides itself on utilising natural and effective ingredients, they source components from both local and overseas suppliers, some of which have been partnering with the company for almost 70 years. 

Working with the Ministry of Health for proper GMP certification and having obtained halal certification from JAKIM, the company aims to ensure the trust of its customers whilst standing out from among the competition.

While the Herbal Medicated Oil represents their primary proprietary product, June also oversees the production and sometimes development of other products.

Teaching mothers to care for others

Aunty June’s Baby Massage Virtual Seminar / Image Credit: TYT

Not just content to oversee the production of medical remedies, June also holds baby massage workshops for new families.

This came after she saw the need to help alleviate the challenges faced by new parents, including finding proper bonding methods to grow closer to their new children. 

The wellness of baby massage care was a facet of traditional Chinese medicine that was passed down in her family for generations since her great grandmother. 

However, as she continued to explore and develop the field, it became more and more apparent that it was not knowledge that was easily divulged to others. 

To overcome this issue and further develop her methods with a more scientific basis, June went and obtained the necessary certification from the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) in Australia.

Aunty June on stage / Image Credit: TYT

Currently, the company holds up to 30 workshops in a month; June aims to raise that number to one hundred.

Of particular note, she has also served as a coach for the Malaysia Book of Records Certified event for the ‘Most Participants in a Virtual Baby Massage Class’, where she collaborated with other influential individuals such as Siow Hui Mei, Inthira Kalanjiam, and Eyra Hazali.

Aunty June, the maternal mascot

The Aunty June mascot represents the company’s motherly touch / Image Credit: TYT

June noted that while many other companies cater to a wider demographic, TYT instead maintains a sharper focus on more specific demographics, particularly those involving motherhood. 

Through this focus, the company aims to produce products and services that better serve those particular needs to stand out from among their peers and competition.

The mascot persona of Aunty June acts as an embodiment and culmination of this focus.

TYT reasoned that she best represented the brand as one of the business owners, especially one who encompasses the values of the company and what it stands for.

The name ‘Aunty June’ was itself developed as a result of the four years she spent espousing the virtues of baby massage at confinement centres, clinics, and events. 

It helped emphasise the motherly role she played in helping to extend knowledge and care to all mothers.

TYT and the future of traditional Chinese medicine

Aunty June in her element / Image Credit: TYT

In consideration of the ongoing trends in health and wellness as well as a focus on the importance of natural remedies, June is confident that her company will continue to hold a place in consideration by the general public, noting that even universities like UTAR provide courses in traditional Chinese medicine. 

While they are currently focused on the Malaysian market to further establish themselves locally, June does intend to expand internationally, with the simple but earnest wish of helping as many families as she can wherever the company goes. 

As for the matter of succession, she has begun training her son, the company’s current Director of Marketing, in preparation for the role.

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Featured Image Credit: TYT

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