Ultimate Guide to All the CNY Fast-Food Items in Singapore for 2024

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As most of us know, many stores shut their doors during Chinese New Year (CNY).

Thus, many of us turn to fast food chains to grab a quick bite between visits to our relatives.

Though you can’t go wrong with McDonald’s Prosperity Burger, many fast food chains have special menus during the CNY season, too.

Here’s a list of fast-food chains selling special items during the CNY period.

Run, not walk.

MOS Burger: Fortune Dragon Rice Burger and “Nian Gao” Golden Fortune Balls

MOS Burger is ushering in the Year of the Dragon with the Fortune Dragon Rice Burger and “Nian Gao” Golden Fortune Balls.

Fortunately, the Fortune Dragon Rice Burger isn’t actually made out of dragons.

It’s made with a crayfish, a CNY favourite among seafood lovers.

The rice burger also consists of red capsicum, an egg and a unique blend of spicy tomato sauce.

The burger is priced at $8.80 a la carte.

MOS Burger’s ‘Nian Gao’ Golden Fortune Balls are inspired by the traditional CNY snack 年糕, which is a sticky rice cake.

MOS Burger’s twist on the traditional snack is encased in sweet potato skin. 

The Golden Fortune Balls are priced at $5.80 a la carte, with each packet containing four balls.

If you want to try both dishes for maximum huat, MOS Burger offers The Fortune Dragon Combo at $16.80.

Besides the two exclusive dishes, the combo comes with a refreshing Iced Tea on the side.

Pizza Hut: Hu-at! Cheong Gai Pizza and Hey! Bee Hiam Melts

This CNY, Pizza Hut should change its name to Pizza Huat. 

Pizza Hut’s Hey! Bee Hiam Melts are filled with marinated chicken chunks in spicy dried shrimp sauce for just $9.90.

Image: Facebook (@Pizza Hut)

Ever heard of a CNY pizza?

The Hu-at! Cheong Gai Pizza is loaded with Har Cheong Gai chicken and has hints of prawn paste sauce.

Pizza Hut’s new CNY dishes are perfect for those who want both Asian and Western food simultaneously.

If you can’t decide on which one to get, here’s some good news. 

Customers get to enjoy 50% off one Hu-at! Cheong Gai Pizza plus another choice of pizza for delivery and the Hey! Bee Hiam Melts for only $9.90.

That’s not all.

By placing an advance order (minimum $56.80) from the “Chinese New Year” tab in the Pizza Hut app by 9 February, 6 pm, customers are eligible to select a choice of free sides under “Hungry for More?”

Sides available include Sweet N Spicy Drumlets (6pcs), Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (1.5L), and a choice of Mini Waffle Hashbrown (6pcs) or Garlic Bread.

If you’re feeling huat, stand a chance to win Ang Bao prizes worth $188, $388 or $888, and a Coca-Cola Gold Can worth $760 by ordering Pizza Hut’s CNY delivery bundles.

The lucky draw ends on 28 February 2024.

Pizza Hut also offers a wide range of bundles for the new year.

Here’s a quick list to help you decide what to order:

  • CNY Sharing Box (2-3 pax) from $26.80
  • CNY Fortune Box (4-5 pax) from $36.80
  • CNY Double Happiness Box (5-6 pax) from $43.80
  • CNY Huat Box (5-6 pax) from $46.80
  • CNY Abundance Box (6-8 pax) from $59.90

You can find out more about Pizza Hut’s CNY deals here.

Shake Shack: Chipotle Cheddar and Dragonfruit Pomegranate Lemonade

Shake Shack introduced its Chipotle Cheddar Menu and Dragonfruit Pomegranate Lemonade in honour of CNY.

Image: Facebook (@Shake Shack)

On its Facebook page, Shake Shack explained that it wanted to start the year right with “long(龙)-ji(鸡)-vity”, making a pun of “longevity” using Mandarin hanyu pinyin.

The new menu consists of the Chipotle Cheddar Chicken Burger ($11.80), the Chipotle Cheddar Dog ($8.80) and the Chipotle Cheddar Fries ($6.80).

In addition, its new Dragonfruit Pomegranate Lemonade ($5) appropriately fits the theme for the new year.

Popeyes: Chilli Crab Collection

Chilli crab is a crowd favourite among Singaporeans. 

If you infuse the flavours of chilli crab into fried chicken, you get Popeyes’ Chilli Crab Chicken.

Popeyes is selling its Chilli Crab Chicken from $5.60 during this CNY period.

To enhance the flavours even more, Popeyes is selling its Chilli Crab Chicken with sweet & Sour Chilli Crab Sauce and Creamy & Tangy Sour Cream & Onion for $6.80.

Image: Facebook (@Popeyes)

Texas Chicken: Golden Cereal Chicken

Texas Chicken is ushering in the new year with its seasonal Golden Cereal Chicken.

The fast food chain is offering a special promotion until 29 February, where customers can get a free Cereal Chicken Burger Meal (worth $14.60) for every 2pc Cereal Chicken Meal purchase.

Here’s another deal from Texas Chicken.

If you top up $6 for the purchase of any Cereal Chicken Combo, you can get an exclusive Fortune Cookie Bag.

If you want one, hurry down to the nearest outlet near you as there are only limited quantities.

Burger King: Orange Nata De Coco Pie

Step aside, McDonald’s.

There’s a new pie in town.

Burger King’s Orange Nata De Coco Pie offers a zesty burst of flavour accompanied by the chewy texture of nata de coco.

Though you can get it for $2.30 a la carte, there’s currently a special deal going on.

Get the pie for only $0.80 by purchasing any White Garlic Value or Upsized Meal.

All you need to do to redeem this offer is to pay using your Trust Card.

If you’re too immersed in the festivities to leave your house and grab lunch, check out Burger King’s GrabFood-exclusive Abundance Bundle for two pax at only $26.50 (UP $42.60).

The bundle consists of:

  • 1x Long Chicken
  • 1x Double BBQ Turkey Bacon
  • 2x Onion Rings (L)
  • 2x Orange Nata De Coco Pie
  • 2x Soft Drinks

KFC: Halal Chicken Bak Kwa Feast

Yes, you heard me right.

As you know, Bak Kwa is a processed meat typically made of pork.

It’s a favourite among CNY snacks, but not halal.

This year, KFC released its first-ever halal Chicken Bak Kwa Feast.

The collection includes Chicken Bak Kwa Crunch ($5 a la carte), which is essentially KFC’s Hot & Crispy Chicken coated with smokey Bak Kwa seasoning powder.

The Chicken Bak Kwa Burger ($8.40 a la carte) is a twist on KFC’s traditional Zinger Burger, where the Zinger filet is coated with smokey Bak Kwa seasoning and topped with Bak Kwa bits.

The promotion will be available until 22 February.

KFC is also offering a Dragon Celebration Feast for $38.80, consisting of 8pcs Fried Chicken, 12pcs KFC Shots, two medium Whipped Potato and two medium Fries.

Image: KFC

If you still can’t decide on your #ootd this CNY, KFC may have the answer.

From 6 February, customers can get their hands on KFC’s HuatWear shorts with the purchase of any Chicken Bak Kwa meal or bundle at these outlets:

  • Vivocity
  • Kallang
  • NEX
  • West Mall
  • Jurong Point
  • NorthPoint City
  • Causeway Point
  • Tampines Mall

For maximum huat, the fast food chain even consulted Singaporean feng shui master, Jet Lee, to decide on the pant’s design.

Do note that there are only 888 pants in stock, so get your Chicken Bak Kwa meal or bundle ASAP on 6 February.

McDonald’s: Prosperity Burger and Twister Fries

An oldie but a goodie, the iconic Prosperity Burger ($6.60 a la carte) and Twister Fries ($4.70 a la carte) have returned in time for CNY.

Of course, if you’re bored of these CNY staples, McDonald’s is selling two new items: the pink guava McFizz (from $4) and the new pineapple pie (from $1.80).

McDonald’s has also brought back favourites like the Ha! Chicken Drumplets ($3.40), Pineapple Coconut Frappe ($4.70) and Kueh Bangkit Soft-serve ($1.20).

The fast food chain also offers a special Lo Hei Bundle ($25) comprising 20pcs Chicken McNuggets, four large Twister Fries and four Ha! Chicken Drumlets.

What a savoury alternative to your normal yu sheng. 

This year’s CNY menu comes with a collaboration with Sanrio, where McDonald’s is offering exclusive Hello Kitty merchandise.

If you remember the last time this happened, you should know what a big deal Hello Kitty merchandise is.

Domino’s Pizza: Cheese Volcano Pizza

Though not exactly CNY-themed, Domino’s Pizza makes our list for its new and creative Cheese Volcano Pizzas.

Image: Dominos Pizza

The pizza is designed to have a pseudo “volcano” in the middle.

The lava in the makeshift volcano is melted cheese.

This innovative pizza structure makes it such that people can dip their pizzas into a cheese volcano, making it the perfect food for cheese lovers. 

You can get a Cheese Volcano Pizza (12” Large) from $33.90.

Canadian Pizza: Save with Springtime Feast and Huat Bonanza Meal

Canadian Pizza has special deals this CNY with the Springtime Feast ($48.90) for four pax or the Huat Bonanza Meal ($72.90) for six to eight pax.

Every bundle purchase gives customers a scratch-and-win card for instant surprises.

Furthermore, purchasing these sets enters customers into a lucky draw, where they can stand a chance to win $388 cash.

Other Fast Food Chains Remaining Open this CNY

Though the fast food chains in this section don’t necessarily have special menus this festive season, their doors remain open through CNY.

That’s good news for those who aren’t particularly fond of CNY-inspired food items but still want to treat themselves to fast food.

Korean fried chicken fast-food chain Jinjja Chicken announced that its outlets will be open this CNY.

Notably, its opening hours have been slightly shortened due to CNY.

On the eve of CNY, Jinjja Chicken outlets will be open from 11 am to 6 pm.

On the first two days of CNY, the fast food chain will be open from 12 pm to 8:30 pm.

Similarly, Arnold’s Fried Chicken announced that all its outlets will be open during CNY from 11 am to 9:45 pm.

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