Wang Feng Said To Have A New Girlfriend 3 Months After Divorce With Zhang Ziyi

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It’s only been three months since he ended his eight-year marriage with Zhang Ziyi, 44, but it seems Wang Feng, 52, has moved on.

Or at least that’s what his ex-girlfriend, Chinese model Ge Huijie, 36, has told the world. 

Shortly after Wang Feng and Ziyi, who share an eight-year-old daughter and a three-year-old son, announced their split, Huijie took to Weibo to broadcast a really cryptic message to her ex. 

“Wang Feng, since you’re divorced, please contact me, my phone number hasn’t changed and you definitely know the last four numbers. You changed your number so I can’t reach you. Please call me, thank you!,” she wrote.

Naturally, netizens assumed Huijie was attempting to get back together with her old flame.

But that apparently wasn’t the case.

When asked about her message to Wang Feng, Huijie explained in a live stream that she was only trying to reach the singer so she could reconnect with their 18-year-old daughter Apple.

Wang Feng has had custody of Apple since he and Huijie split up in 2006.

She then dropped the bomb that Wang Feng is seeing someone new.

“I’m aware that he already has a girlfriend now,” she revealed.

Her statement surprised netizens, many of whom couldn’t believe that he had moved on so fast. 

One netizen wrote: “Where else is he supposed to find inspiration [for his new songs] if he doesn’t keep changing the women around him?”

Some netizens, however, felt that Huijie was merely spouting nonsense to get clout.

“Ge Huijie has been spreading fake news for a long time,” said one netizen. 

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