Want To See What Fan Bingbing Has In Her Trash?

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When you’re popular enough, anything and everything you post can get fans all amped up.

Even if it’s literal trash. 

Recently, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing took to her Weibo to interact with her fans. In her post, she wrote: “Hi, to be honest, have you guys seen an actress’ rubbish bin?”

The 42-year-old star then attached a photo of the contents in trash can.

“It’s pictured as it is, [I’m] not lying to you guys.”

So what was in Bingbing’s trash?

Some tissue, an empty bottle and a couple of used masks. Yeap, basically all skincare products, just like Bingbing’s room.

But the actress’ photo of her rubbish somehow also got fans indulging in their own fan theories. 

Apparently, Bingbing’s usage of the word “actress”, for some far-fetched some reason, convinced her fans to think that she’s about to launch a new project?

Um, like that also can?

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