Why Did HK Star Andrew Yuen Use This Creepy Green Filter On His Wedding Anniversary Post?

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Hong Kong stars Andrew Yuen, 54, and Jackeline Cheung, 47, recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary, with Andrew taking to social media to share a pic from their night.

“Today is Jackeline and my third wedding anniversary,” read Andrew’s very simple, very short caption. However, the thing that caught the attention of netizens was the photo he shared alongside the words.

The picture saw Andrew and Jackeline all dolled up, sitting with a slice of cake in a restaurant. The odd thing was the ghastly green filter Andrew applied to the photo.

Netizens were nothing short of dramatic with their reactions.

They named the filter “Hell green” as it reminded them of the treatment ghosts gets in horror movies. Many also said they “got a scare” from his post.

“Happy anniversary, but this colour is too creepy,” read a popular comment.

Another netizen jokingly wrote: “It’s hard to understand the choice of colour here, one can only say it looks special.”

Andrew later told the media that the choice of filter was a “careless mistake”. He had prepared several versions of the same photo, but accidentally posted the wrong one.

He would go on to reupload the post with an unedited version of the same photo, to the relief of his fans. 

One wrote: “This photo is much better than the previous one, I didn’t dare to like the previous green one.”

Who knew his followers were such a superstitious bunch?

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