Wu Chun Slammed For Referring To 13-Year-Old Daughter As “Second Wife”

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Wu Chun’s response sparked heated comments among netizens, who deemed it as “inappropriate” and urged him to delete it.

They were also dumbfounded as to why he would refer to his daughter as his “wife”.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” criticised one netizen, while another wrote: “It’s gross for you to say that.”

Some fans tried to play down the matter, referring to the Chinese saying that “a daughter is a father’s lover from his past life”, so calling her “wife” is not a big deal.

Furthermore, “how he addresses his kids is his business,” said a netizen.

Wu Chun deleted the comment a day later, but by then, it was already trending on Weibo.

Photos: Wu Chun/Weibo

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