X users defending White South Africans as Julius Malema rises in popularity 

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White South AfricanWhite South African

The topic of White South Africans being harmed is a recurring topic among conservative Americans. For the most part, many fear that this rhetoric may be imported to America in the coming years. South Africa has a troubled past, but unfortunately, it seems that the troubled past may return but in a different form. 

In August, the New York Times states, at a concluding political rally, the fiery leader of a South African leftist party, Julius Malema, energized supporters with a chant, “K*ll the Boer!” referencing White farmers. Amidst thousands joining in at a Johannesburg stadium, this fervour sparked controversy when a video circulated online, sparking accusations of inciting violence, particularly from some American far-right groups and Elon Musk.

Despite its provocative nature, Malema and experts on the anti-apartheid movement emphasize that the chant, a historical battle cry, isn’t a literal call to violence. Originating from the struggle against the apartheid regime, it gained prominence in the ’90s. Malema’s embrace of this chant, given his party’s advocacy for redistributing land, troubles some White communities.

White South Africans defended by X users 

X users are showing their sympathies towards the White South Africans as some of the rising popular figures in the country are known for these rhetorics. Furthermore, many are sharing their concerns towards the popularity in discriminating against people for the color of their skin. However, this time it’s directed towards White people. 

Others shared the stories of what happened in Zimbabwe where they took the land from the White farmers which sparked a massive famine in the country. Several news outlets dubbed this as a “man made famine.” Following that, there was a movement in order to bring back these people in lieu of their farming skills. Unfortunately, it’s too late. 


X users fear for the future of South Africa if this rhetoric continues on. They state that the country will, for obvious reasons, decline further if this is encouraged. Discriminating against an individual for their racial background is wrong regardless of what race they are. 

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