Younger Brother Of Cha Eun Woo Said To Be More Handsome Than The Korean Idol

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While many K-drama fans won’t deny that Korean actor Cha Eun Woo, 26, ranks as one of the most handsome in the showbiz, it seems his younger brother, Lee Dong Hwi, is just as good looking.

Eun Woo’s real name is Lee Dong Min.

Eun Woo previously said that Dong Hwi, who is turning 24 this year, was studying abroad. He described his younger brother as “more handsome” and having a “very small face”.

A Chinese netizen verified the information in 2018, revealing that Dong Hwi was studying journalism at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Even Eun Woo’s fellow ASTRO bandmate Rocky has brought up Dong Hwi good looks before.

Back in 2020, Eun Woo’s fellow ASTRO bandmate Rocky said he was “shocked” when he met Dong Hwi in person.

“Reality hit [the first time] when I saw how pretty his nose was. And he is [really] tall too,” said Rocky.

Rocky also pointed out the difference between the brothers, saying that even though both are handsome, “Eun Woo is considered to be pretty while Dong Hwi is manlier.”

A photo (see below) of a man who is allegedly Dong Hwi recently went viral, proving that all that talk may just be true. 

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